Optional Enrichment Classes
Spanish Enrichment Class

Child's Day offers two options for on-site Spanish learning. Choose the option that best meets your family's interest and needs. 

Spanish Enrichment Class 

4 to 8 children per class

Option of either two or four 30 minutes classes per week

Introducing young children to the Spanish language and Latin culture through play, songs, books, dramatic plan, storytelling, and art. On-site classes

The Spanish enrichment class is available to children ages 2 1/2 years and older. Cost for this optional enrichment program is $60 per month for two weekly 30 minute classes, or $110 per month for four weekly 30 minute classes.

Dual Language Program

4 to 8 children per class

                          Four 60 minutes classes per week             

A rich 4 hour per week Spanish program for children ages 3 1/2 years and older. 

 The children will experience many of the curriculum themes emerging in the 3 and 4-year-old classes....in Spanish.

On-site classes

The Spanish Dual Language Program is available to children ages 3 1/2 years and older. Cost for this optional program is $210 per month for four weekly 60 minute classes.


Keyboard Classes at Child's Day with Sybi Ward

Keyboard classes incorporate activities encouraging the musical development of the children. Major musical concepts, including ear training, rhythm, music theory and notation are explored. The group classes are a great way of making piano lessons an enjoyable time in your child's day.

The Pandas and Colts use music cards with icons and rhythms to show the pattern and direction of the song. These icons and rhythms help introduce the children to the concept of musical notation. The songs are also notated with solfege (do, re, mi, etc.). The Puffins and Field Mice use Bastien's Invitation to Music. The piano method used in this book was created especially for pre-K children. The one-time supply fee of $15 covers Music Cards, books and additional worksheets.

Classes meet once a week in the afternoon on Mondays (Puffins and Field Mice) or Wednesdays (Colts and Pandas) for 30 minutes, four times per month, in groups of three or four students. The cost is $55/month + a one-time supply fee of $15.



Mighty Tumblers
The best time to begin gymnastics is during early childhood. Child's Day has developed a program specially designed for pre-school age children. Muscle coordination and control in a fun and enjoyable atmosphere form the foundation of our program philosophy. Classes are taught by a professional instructor for boys and girls.

Gymnastics, more than any other sport, builds strength while developing poise, grace, balance, and coordination. And, even for those who will never reach championship level, such training will provide many lasting benefits including good posture, self-discipline, and self-confidence.

Optional Gymnastics classes last 20 minutes each Tuesday or Thursday afternoon. Children are divided into groups by age and conform to the same age-based teacher-child ratio used in the classroom. Cost is $45 per month.



Music Discovery

Elena has been teaching music to young children in Austin since 1999.  She has a B.A. with emphasis in Music Education and training in Music Kids and Kodaly music education programs.

Some of the benefits your child will receive from early music education include:

  • Children who play or sing music regularly perform better in reading and math when they begin elementary school.
  • Since playing, singing and dancing to music increases both fine and gross motor skills and helps develop hand-eye coordination, helping children to better control their bodies.
  • Those actively involved in music also tend to have high self-esteem and are better at playing with others.
  • Early language development - singing nursery rhymes and simple songs teaches children how language is constructed and assists with the acquisition of language.
  • Teaches children about tone, beat and rhythm.
  • Teaching songs with actions encourages your child to dance along with the music. This helps them to learn balance, co-ordination and body awareness.

These are only a few of the great benefits of our Music Discovery program with Elena – sign up now to jumpstart your child’s education!