Finches Classroom

Hello Finch Families!

My name is Heesun Woo, and I am thrilled to start this new journey with your child! I am originally from South Korea and moved to El Paso, Texas in 2008 with my family. I have been living in Austin since 2014 and am loving the city. I graduated from University of Texas at Austin with bachelor’s degree in psychology and sociology.

I have always wanted to work with children ever since I was a child myself. Working with infants exclusively and specifically was something I did not expect to do, but I fell in love with their tiny, grabby fingers and giggles at the very moment I set my foot down in the Child’s day Infant center.

In our classroom, our top priority will be to set up and provide a welcoming, trusting, and safe environment for children to explore and learn their boundaries with loving guidance from their caregivers. We will encourage your child to learn skills independently at their own pace without excessive and/or unnecessary guidance. A sense of trust will be built between a caregiver and a child naturally, and it is our best interest to make sure your child’s need for love and growth are met every day.

Again, I am truly excited to witness and guide your child’s first steps in life. Welcome to the Finch classroom!

Heesun Woo

Finches Lead Teacher

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