Keyboard Classes at Child's Day with Sybi Ward

Keyboard classes incorporate activities encouraging the musical development of the children. Major musical concepts, including ear training, rhythm, music theory and notation are explored. The group classes are a great way of making piano lessons an enjoyable time in your child's day.

The Pandas and Colts use music cards with icons and rhythms to show the pattern and direction of the song. These icons and rhythms help introduce the children to the concept of musical notation. The songs are also notated with solfege (do, re, mi, etc.). The Puffins and Field Mice use Bastien's Invitation to Music. The piano method used in this book was created especially for pre-K children. The one-time supply fee of $15 covers Music Cards, books and additional worksheets.

Classes meet once a week in the afternoon on Mondays (Puffins and Field Mice) or Wednesdays (Colts and Pandas) for 30 minutes, four times per month, in groups of three or four students. The cost is $55/month + a one-time supply fee of $15.